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Turkey Stones, We decorate the world with Natural Stone Decoration

The garden stones that naturally enrich the outdoor furniture
The garden stones that naturally enrich the outdoor furniture
The garden stones that naturally enrich the outdoor furniture

The garden stones that naturally enrich the outdoor furniture

Pietra Kaikos stones provide a tasty combination into your gardens including richness. We provide ourselves on our exquisite selection of natural stone which comes in an array of colours and sizes to suit both traditional and modern garden designs alike. We feel that garden should first transmit harmony and Pietra Kaikos natural stone collections gives this harmony into your vital surroundings.

With white, gray, green, and other coloured pebbles, you can unleash your creativity and personalize gardens, parks, flower beds, and green areas, giving them a more sophisticated appearance. Natural stone can bring character to your garden and make an excellent addition to gardens as well. Stones can be just as important to your garden as the plant material that you use. The best part about garden stone is that you can customize it to create the look you want! From natural stone to manufactured stone, we have a wide variety of options that vary in color and size.

Who are we ?

Pietra Kaikos

Pietra Kaikos that is named from the Bakircay river which is situated in Izmir, Bergama and means “The stones of Bakircay” in Latin, brings the tumbled natural stones since 1994 into aesthetic and functional use who want to experience the naturality and exportsto the 51 countries of the World, provides the service within Turkish market on the same time as well

The rounding effect on the structure of thestonethat is raised by water naturally is carried out by the special production techniques of PietraKaikos in the same naturality within short period.

Through a changingworld

Using bestslabs of Turkey and ensuring highest possible color / textureuniformity are top priorities of PietraKaikos since itsfoundation.

As of trending exterior and landscape design and increasing demand, PietraKaikos landscape design products became extensively known and preferred by top designers around the world.

Pietra Kaikos is a registered trademark of Bergama Taş Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. in the World that is a subsidiary company of Öztüre Holding

Our main products are:

Tumbled Stones

Pietra Kaikos, thefirst tumbled stone producer of Turkey, since 1994 produces tumbled landscape stones alsoknown as pebble stones. Main product sare Tumbled Granite, Angel stone, Alize, Rainbow, Rosso Mediterraneo, Verdemadra, Morello, Basalt, AllMix, Grey Discus, Granite Discus, Moonstone, Rocks, Flagstone, Lava Rock, Spaghetti Rock and crushed granite.

Gardening Stones

You can find stone models for your garden decoration from us in order to bring modern and beautiful looking.

Decorative stones

Decorative Stones are taking part in decoration products that are dreamed you in indoor and outdoor places. It is an ideal choice about do it your self projects alongside varied dimension and colour selections.

Granite Discus

Granite Discusthat is the first flat rounded landscaping stone of Turkey is produced in one dimension.

Grey Discus

Grey Discus is naturally tumbled by thetough current of rivers and streams, selected by the experts of Pietra Kaikos and classified in 3 different sizes.

Tumbled Alize

Tumbled Alize that is rounded from the world-famous marble origin Alize presents the selection of 6 dimensions.

Tumbled All-Mix

All mix is the mixture of all the tumbled stones of Pietra Kaikos andare in 2 different sizes.

Tumbled Angelstone

Tumbled Angelstone is obtained from marble origin Angelstone and has 2 different sizes.

Tumbled Basalt

Basalt that is rounded from the Stones which have the highest hardness is quarried from the distinguished mines of Aegea has 3 dimensions choice.

Tumbled Granite

Granite is extremely difficult to be tumbled and is first produced by Pietra Kaikos in Turkey. Granite Tumbled is among the prominent choices of landscape architects and produced in 8 different sizes

Tumbled Morello

Morello Tumbled is preferred duetoits grainy texture and pebble-like characteristics and has 6 different sizes.

Tumbled Rainbow

Tumbled Rainbow with its dazzling color yellow and iron oxide grains looking a like rainbow, is of sandstone origin. It's produced in 6 different sizes.

Tumbled Rosso Mediterraneo

Tumbled Rosso Mediterraneo: is a unique landscape stone obtained and tumbles from the grain yearly marble-like Rosso blocks specially selected by Pietra Kaikos. It's produced in 6 different sizes.

Tumbled Verdemadra

Tumbled Verdemadra, due to its variable mineralogical structure, is interesting with its natural amorphous shapes arising after being tumbled. It has 6 different sizes.

Tumbled Nyx

Tumbled Nyx is marble originated dark coloured stone with thin White veins and mostly demanded for gardening applications along with its 5 varied dimensions in order to add value to the outdoor spaces.

Tumbled Flagstone

Tumbled Flagstone: is a good choice for rustic patios and walls as well as wall applications in two colours as black and yellow with its durable structure.

Decorative Rocks

Pietra Kaikos natural rocks, specially selected from the most qualified mines, are ideally divided into pieces to display their natural form and mineral structures for the use of landscape architects.

Lava Rock

This special rock product is formed from lava erupted from volcano. Itgives an exotic classy look on the surfaces. This Material Exists in the sizes as 50/300 mm and 300/600 mm.

Spaghetti Rock

This rock that looks like a solid pasta, is a special product with its rusty brownish colour and gives a lovely touch on the grounds in garden sandall outdoor applications. There is two sizes as 100/400 mm and 300/600 mm.

CubicCrushed Granite

Our this product that is crushed in cubic form through special methods is mainly used in the production of tile and precast.
Our Standard dimension sare 1.5- 3 mm / 3-8 mm /8-12 mm.